Hi and welcome to my first blog on the newly launched website.  Like many other people who have taken the decision to launch their own business I am really excited getting started and about being able to work with local small business owners helping them to improve bottom line results using a fresh approach to HR practice.

I am offering a range of products to small businesses to support many common employment issues,  from hiring right through to firing!

Instead of a Staff Handbook,  I have designed a range of useful HR policies covering all the basics that a small business is going to need.  Holiday policy, absence and sickness, overtime and working time are but a few of the policies contained in my basic support package.

To complement the policies are the processes and forms necessary to support implementation within the workplace. So you don’t just get the policy you also get instructions on how make it work in your business.

I also include a general contract of employment which can be easily tailored to suit specific business requirements.

I host these for my clients in bespoke folders on my website and that means I can easily keep them up to date…as an added bonus this will have an impact on tree’s, saving paper and the environment:)

I’m also busy developing a really interesting Programme for First Line Managers and Supervisors – I’ll be blogging about this from mid April onwards as I have a cohort of local Managers testing it out for me.  It’s bitesize learning, delivered face to face or via web ex and it includes an important mix of skill and practical knowledge all relating to what a manager needs to know, and to be able to do when they take up their first role managing people.

I believe the job of a first line manager is critical to the success of any Company and my ‘bitesize’ programme is a fresh approach to ensuring that managers are able to learn and then apply this new knowledge back in the workplace.  This maximises the return on the cost of the training and time off work to learn.

Over the coming I’ll also blog about news and updates in the world of HR and I’ll try to adopt a relaxed style to keep messages to the point and simple so small business owners can quickly understand what important issues are coming up in the world of HR.

If you are interested in knowing more about anything I’m blogging about then please do drop me a mail at hr@wisterialodgenorfolk.co.uk