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HR Services in Norfolk and Suffolk

As a business, your employees are your biggest investment. But there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being an employer. Things are constantly changing with new rules and regulations coming into force via the Government and changes to legislation, and through new research and thinking into employment practice. It’s hard as a business owner to find the time to keep up to speed and to be confident that you are on top of everything.

Employment issues are not always easy and straight forward to deal with. Whether it’s something as seemingly simple as writing a job description, or a more complex grievance situation, having professional help can really ease the burden. But having a full time HR specialist in-house can feel like an unnecessary expense if you don’t need someone there all the time.

That’s where Wisteria Lodge HR comes in. I offer local, experienced and practical HR support by phone, email or in your place of work. My reasonably priced HR solutions are just the job for small businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Examples of my HR support

Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment

They’re easy to download off the internet, but do the contract terms meet the specific needs of your business? I can review your existing contracts and look more broadly across the terms and conditions you offer to ensure they are working as a base on which to employ people who are going to contribute to the development and success of your business going forward.



They are the ground rules of how you want your company to run. They set the tone of the culture you want to create in your business and they let employees know where they stand and what is expected of them. In certain situations, such as Health and Safety, they are a legal requirement. In other instances, they are helpful to the smooth running of your business, for example sickness and absence management, holiday, maternity, paternity and performance management.

People Processes

People Processes

These range from ensuring you have an up to date appraisal process that includes making best use of any available government funding for small businesses to train and develop their people, through to ensuring your recruitment processes are compliant with current best practice and employment law requirements.

Business Growth

Business Growth

As your business becomes more successful you may need specific support to enable your expansion plans to be achieved. This could be anything from changes to existing terms and conditions through to buying a new business. My extensive experience of mergers, acquisitions and re-structuring can be critical to ensure you have the full range of people options and impacts at the start of the project, helping you to manage the transition process to a successful outcome.

Support throughout the employee lifecycle

Recruiting and managing employees follows a simple lifecycle. Each stage of the lifecycle has a number of HR tasks attached to it that will need to be successfully completed to keep everything moving in the right direction. At any one time, you could have several staff at different stages of this lifecycle and the associated tasks can soon stack up. Here at Wisteria Lodge HR, I can offer as much or as little help as you need at any of these lifecycle stages to support both you and your employee.


Employee Services

Performance & Development


Recruitment tasks

Profile the job

Write the advert

Conduct assessment selection of candidates

Make an offer of employment

Employee Services tasks

Contracts of employment

Probationary Periods

Fixed term, part time and temporary workers

Employment Policies, Holiday, Sickness Absence, Maternity, Paternity, Discipline and Grievance

Pay and Reward

Changing terms and conditions

Performance and Development tasks

Appraisal systems

Managing under performance

Talent and succession for key roles

First line Manager development

Departure tasks


Notice and References

Redundancy and Outplacement

Feel free to give me a call for a free initial chat about support with any of these tasks. I’m based in Horning on the Norfolk Broads, but happy to travel to clients across Norfolk and Suffolk.